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Ikal Mayang (2013)

Ikal Mayang is a film project for International Women's Day 2013 comprising of 15 short films by 15 very talented Malaysian female directors.

In conjunction with Monash NGO Day, 5 films from the Ikal Mayang series will be screened at campus on 24 September 2013 and the directors themselves will be coming for a Q&A session.

They films are: All About Deflowering, She, Berat Sebelah, Hawa and Odah.

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Inspired by the Malay saying, ‘rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain’, Ikal Mayang refers to the long black wavy hair which is also the jewel crown for every female. On a bigger perspective, it is a storytelling movement that wants to highlight the importance of storytelling and to be heard while improving women’s share of voice, particularly in the mainstream media. By using simple and popular culture such as short films – the Ikal Mayang programmes uses short films as a tool to create conversations and discussions about issue faced by society and highlight the unique stories which can also related to every human being.

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