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Talak 3 (2016)

Talak 3 is an Indonesia movie directed by Ismail Basbeth and Hanung Brahmantyo, while the story of Talak 3 is written by Bagus Bramanti and Salman Aristo. Talak 3 told story about Bagas and Risa that just divorced a couple of months ago. Their house still on loan and threaten to be taken off from them by Bank. It force them to work together again to finish one big project that can make fortune enough to save both of them financially. The job demand them to be together all the time, so while they working on that project, they found again every pieces of love they once had before. And they decide to be back together again. But it is not that easy to be together again after Bagas have given Talak 3 to Risa before. The law of Talak 3 require if a couple want to get together again must have thru Muhalil, that means Risa have to married to another man first and then divorce. To make their wish to get back together go well, they start to find a contract husband for Risa. Along the way they found many silly character that lead to funny moments. At last they choose Bimo, old friend of Bagas and Risa that they think is kind and responsible enough to help them. So when they plan the wedding for Risa and Bimo, Bagas finds out that Bimo already like Risa for a long time.

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Directors: Ismail Basbeth, Hanung Bramantyo
Writers: Salman Aristo, Bagus Bramanti
Stars: Laudya Cynthia Bella, Reza Rahadian, Vino G. Bastian

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