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Mantra (2010)

This story starts in a cemetery where Muzir (Zul Handy Black) is betrayed by Hasbi (Hasnul Rahmat) who wins over Muzir's wife. Hasbi is to be jailed for life. In prison, Muzir desires revenge, so he learns black magic from a dying warden (Hamdan Ramli) who helps him escape by erasing the holy words that are emblazoned all around. Shot in the infamous Pudu Jail.

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Language: Malay
Subtitle: Na
Classification: 18
General Release Date: 15 Jul 2010
Genre: Horror / Mystery / Suspense
Running Time: 1 Hour 29 Minutes
Distributor: METROWEALTH
Cast: Mas Muharni, Hasnul Rahmat
Director: Azhari Mohd Zain

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